Earth quake in Indonesia

You may think its better to watch just the news but my blog is updated everyday and it has fun tests to play with.

In Indonesia maybe you already know but today( the April 11th)  a very powerful earth quake happened the strength was  8.6 which is strong. After the earthquake, an alert of tsunami was announced but hopefully there was no tsunami.


7 responses to “Earth quake in Indonesia

  1. What!!! Died NO.The earthquake was well off shore and the biggest threat was a tsunami.The tsunami never came and preparations that were in place worked perfectly.Check facts before posting please 🙂

  2. But we didn’t have any false info! Read our post again! -.-

  3. AND the earthquake wasn’t offshore! Look at the pic! -.- Check comment before posting

  4. Well it’s not our fault if we are three girls sharing this account AND sorry of we are french!!! not everybody speaks english as well as you do!! SO IF YOU COMMENT AGAIN I WILL BLOCK YOU!!! DO NOT ANSWER THIS COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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