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Justin Bieber

Hello Guys,

Justin Bieber’s new album: Believe is now out on iTunes.

Here is the link:

By Lucia


The Voice

Monday night at 10:55pm we finally got to know who was the winner of the Voice!

It’s Jermaine Paul. He used to be the backup singer of Alicia Keys but by joining ‘The Voice’ he will get the chance to publish his 1st album!

Big Congrats!

by Lucia

American Idol

Today, April 19th, on American Idol, Elise, Hollie and Collon were in the bottom three but Elise got saved and Collon went home 😦

Jennifer was crying such as Hollie or Philipe. The public didn’t agree w/ America’s decision.

If you liked Collon, I’m sorry that he got eliminated

The voice

If you haven’t been able to watch the Voice, here are the results:

Today, April 17th, in team blake, Jermaine was saved and then Realynn got eliminated.

And in team Christina: The man with the opera voice was saved and Ashley got eliminated.

by Lucia

Justin Bieber Boyfriend Annoucement

If you are a Belieber and you want to know what is the announcement, watch The Voice, tonight to know!!!

Boyfriend is Justin Bieber’s new song.

You can listen to it here:

or buy it on iTunes:


Let’s talk about music!

March, 21st Katy Perry released her new song: Part of me. You can listen to it on youtube:                                     Or either buy it on itunes:

Albums coming out: Believe by Justin Bieber and Put Your Hearts up buy Ariana Grande but the release dates haven’t been announced yet!