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Maroon 5

The 26 of Juin,

Maroon 5 just released a new song: “One more night”

by Maria


Justin Bieber

You guys all probably know Justin Bieber ( if you don’t look him up). He JUST released a new single: die in your arms. Watch it! Its awesome.

Comment on the song please:

by Maria and Lucia.

Etan Patz Case

Etan Patz was a little boy who had gone missing, the police searched for him but they couldn’t find him. 

Now 30 years later, the killer admits he did it. The case is finally over, his parents are finally in peace.

by Maria

Memorial day

Today, the USA honors our proud soldiers that have given there lifes to protect this powerful country.

America’s got talent

America’s got talent finally started. Don’t miss it! We can’t vote now but later we will.

by Maria


Hello everybody,

Every body has an outside life from the internet. So please don’t unfollow us right when we do nothing for a few days.

Manta Rays

For all animal lovers, this is for you:

For the first time in history researchers have been able to track manta rays with satellites.

Isn’t it cool??What do you think?( put your opinions in your comments please)

by Maria